4 Actionable Tips to Increase Social Traffic to Your Guides and Get More Leads

by Tamas Torok on 27.Jul

Somebody downloaded your guide. That’s awesome, one more subscriber! But did you make everything to entice your new lead to share that content with others on social media?

I’m sure you don’t want to leave extra social traffic on the table.

How to Set up Push Notifications on Your Blog [Quick Guide]

by Tamas Torok on 19.Jul

Did you know that you can notify your readers without using social media, RSS feed or a newsletter?

There's no doubt that social media and newsletters are effective ways to keep your readers coming back.

Browser push notifications are rather alternative ways to keep in touch with your readers.

By using push notifications for Chrome browser (and Firefox), you can still keep your readers coming back once a new post is published on your blog. In this guide, I’ll show you exactly how to set up push notifications for your blog.

Scrum for Marketing: How We Get 50% More Things Done without Working More

by Tamas Torok on 18.Jul

Months ago, I had a chat with my friend, Zoltan, about a new method he started using. It's called scrum.

He told me his dev. team became more focused and were able to get more things done without working more. Scrum put product development into a framework so they knew exactly where they were heading and what others in the team were doing.

More focused? Increased productivity? Whatever scrum was, I needed it!

Social Traffic: 5 Fresh Ideas to Get More Shares for Your Blog Post

by Tamas Torok on 13.Jul

When you spend hours writing and polishing your post, you want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves.

Even if you have fantastic content, getting social shares is not that easy. You have to do more than simply place share buttons on your website to get more shares and increase social traffic.

Honestly, people don’t really have time for us.

We, content marketers and bloggers, have just seconds to convince them to read our stuff, and it’s even harder to convince them to share it with their friends.

4 Psychological Tips That Will Boost Your Facebook Post Engagement

by Tamas Torok on 28.Jun

I’m sure you want to know what your audience thinks exactly about your posts and your social ads on Facebook. Why don’t they like or share them? What makes them click?

We can’t see (yet) what’s inside of our audience’s head, but fortunately we have some psychological studies helping us better understand human behaviour, so we can capitalise on these behavioural patterns to increase Facebook post engagement.

I put together some suggestions to create irresistible Facebook posts that will make your audience want to click and share your post with their friends.

6 Things to Think about When Posting Sponsored Posts on Facebook

by Tamas Torok on 14.Jun

Do you want to run more efficient sponsored post campaigns on Facebook? Of course you do!

I’m sure you aren’t really satisfied with the current performance of your campaigns. It’s just too expensive, customer acquisition costs are high and we often couldn’t get really good engagement from our fans. Quite frustrating.

Facebook sponsored posts shouldn’t be expensive if you do it right. This guide will help you create sponsored posts that deliver results and won’t cost you a fortune.

Facebook traffic is gone? Here's how to increase your social traffic

by Tamas Torok on 01.Jun

Do you want to get more engagement on Facebook and drive more social traffic to your articles?

We’re in a really challenging situation. Organic reach on Facebook decreased 50% in the past few years, now you barely reach 6% of your audience with your posts. Facebook traffic dropped and we just became even more frustrated.

Among all the companies we're working with, decreasing organic reach on Facebook is a topic that keeps many marketers up at night. Since here at Momentum, we always try to find better ways to help content marketers engage with their audiences, I decided to take a deep dive into the topic and build a definitive guide on how could we leverage this trend rather than worrying about it.


How to Increase Content Conversion by Using Facebook Retargeting

by Tamas Torok on 18.May


Do you want to increase your content conversion rate and get more subscribers and customers?


I’m sure you agree with me that converting ice cold traffic is pretty difficult.

It takes time to convince a simple visitor to convert into a subscriber and eventually become a customer. It takes 6-8 touches for a user to make a purchasing decision according to Salesforce's report.

How The Top Publishers Perform on Social Media

by Tamas Torok on 02.May

Bloggers and publishers aren’t in an easy situation nowadays. The industry is changing and people are consuming online content differently than they were even five years ago. A major behavioural shift took place (and is still taking place) which fundamentally affects the whole industry:

Google AMP vs Instant Articles: The Most Important Differences You Need to Know

by Tamas Torok on 18.Apr

Facebook and Google took a big step toward by improving mobile user experience and making website loading time faster. Facebook came up with Instant Articles (IA); shortly after, Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

But what are these solutions? What’s the difference between them? Which one could be the ideal option? Trust me, it is quite easy to get confused about these solutions. But I have great news!

I dedicated this post to comparing Facebook Instant Articles with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages according to different point of views, addressing the most serious issues.